Sunday, August 4, 2013

Disappointment with the Public Security Office in Jinan

Our adoption journey has gone very well so far.  We arrived in Beijing, and found the airport, hotel, and other citizens to be helpful and kind as we explored the city.   The staff at the train was able to make sure that we found the correct car and seat.   Most of the individuals and agencies we interacted with in Jinan were also helpful.  The Civil Affairs staff made our paperwork process fast and tolerated the noise from our children.  We were even able to meet a important Official just below the Governor.  Unfortunately, we have not been as pleased with the Public Security Office.  We are only in China for two weeks, and need the passports for our children to be done quickly.  The Public Security Office has been slow in doing this and has not been helpful.   When we have talked with families who adopted children from other provinces, they had no problems in getting their children's passports done.   This has made us wonder why the Jinan, Shandong Public Security Office has been so unhelpful and so slow.    We are now in Guangzhou waiting with two other families (Preston & Jennifer and Kurt & Janet) to visit the embassy to acquire our child's Visa.  Everyone in Guangzhou has been helpful and kind.  Unfortunately the delay from the Public Security Office may make us miss our Visa appointment.  

Please pray that the Public Security Office will finish our paperwork so that we can make our Consulate appointment and leave as scheduled.   When you travel to Jinan for your adoption, make sure you are prepared for a slow and inefficient Public Security Office.   

John and Anne Contant

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