Monday, August 5, 2013

Fabric Market

John and I, along with Maeve, took a taxi to the fabric market today. Tristan spent a quiet afternoon in the hotel room! We handed our taxi driver a piece of paper that gave him the address of where we wanted to go. It felt a little strange to be completely unable to communicate and simply trust the driver to take us to the place written on the paper. I think it's good to be in these situations once in a while. It was also a bit strange to have Maeve sitting next to us in the taxi without a car seat. I've heard that we should prepare for the carseat battle when we get home- can't wait.
The taxi dropped us off at a street where all the shops sold drapery. We found a lovely young woman who directed us to the fabric market that we were looking for, just around the corner. I think we were quite a spectacle as we walked through the market, as this probably wasn't a typical tourist attraction. The market was a large building with 4 floors, packed with small stalls, all selling fabric. We saw so many facrics that it became quite overwhelming. John did some bartering and was quite proud of himself in the end. I think we got some good bargains!

Taxi ride!


Vantil's said...

Praying, praying!! Oh, I hope you have good news on the passports soon!

anne said...

Yes, us too! I can't imagine not coming home on THursday. Shiyan is still working on it tonight. We have our consulate appt first thing tomorrow morning, so we really do need them in hand by this evening. HAve you ever heard of passports not making it in time? We never gave this option a thought- just assumed we would have her passport as promised.
Hoping to hear some good news soon. Please keep praying.

Sue Contant said...

By now it's past 11pm for you. Still praying that all will come through in good order.
The fabric market looks amazing. So many unique choices. What an adventure to travel to a local market and not know the language. Glad T was relaxing at the hotel :) This Grandma would have gladly joined u!
Love sent your way, Mom