Sunday, August 4, 2013

China Top Twelve

These are all in random order, except for number 1!

12. Meeting some local people! This Grandma was so excited 
to bring her 7 month old grandson over to meet us and Maeve!


11.  Seeing lots of cute hinders everywhere!

10. The rickshaw ride where we almost lost our lives a few times!
 Our driver was weaving through traffic at quite a clip!

9.  Bean Bread PB&J Sandwiches

8. This. Everywhere.

7. Squatty Potties
(very hard to do without peeing on yourself)

6. Laundry in the tub!

Rinse Cycle.

5. Climbing the Great Wall of China!

 4. Meeting the Cosgrove Family. Their daughter, Anna, is a month older than Maeve 
and also from Jinan. Getting to know them has been a highlight of this trip for us.

Preston, Jennifer, and Anna
(sorry, couldn't resist 
the pic on the left)
Jennifer and I on the bullet train from Beijing to Jinan!

3. Spending special time with Tristan
We have watched Tristan as he has embraced a new little sister into our family.  
He is a wonderful big brother- patient, kind, and putting others' needs first. 
We are so thankful that he could be a part of this trip.

This picture was taken a few moments after we 
met Maeve for the first time- I think she likes him!

Part of the fam!

2. Visiting the Orphanage and meeting Maeve's nannies.

1. Meeting Maeve!!!
After years of dreaming of this moment, it has finally arrived.
She is more wonderful than we could have imagined and we
are in love! We are thankful that God has been faithful to 
our familyand given us the desire of our hearts.


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Diane said...

So glad your Mom told me about your blog. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Your little girl is a doll--looking forward to meeting her. Love and prayers, Diane Fechter