Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hi Maetia, Eli, and Asher!

Hello to our cousins!
Hi from Aidan!
Merry Christmas from Ella!
We miss you guys! Love, Tristan

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sinter Klaas

Our friend, Rose, from the Netherlands, came to vist us. We haven't seen Rose in 3 years, so it was a really special time for us to spend with her. One of the highlights of Rose's visit was celebrating Sinter Klaas with her and the kids. Tristan and Ella really got into it and were counting down the days until December 5th! After supper, we were surpised with a knock on our back door and a bag full of presents left for us. The kids got a bag of traditional Dutch candies, John received dropjes (not sure on the spelling of this one!), and I got marzipan- my favorite! Someone knew what we liked!! Here are some pics from the celebration...

Christmas Tree

John and I took the kids to a Christmas tree farm in Indiana today. I was doing a photo shoot at the farm and the kids were able to come and enjoy the snow! It was quite chilly, but they didn't seem to mind... even Aidan was a happy boy! The family gave us a tree for our house... we are very grateful. So, tomorrow we will spend the afternoon decorating ...I can't wait!

enjoying a hayride to the field

aidan is 8 months old

snow angel
tristan loved to jump out with the surpise attack!
the car ride home... i think they're tired!