Monday, July 29, 2013


I don't think this post needs too many words, just pictures! Today was a dream come true, a moment we've been waiting for and anticipating a long time. It could not have gone more perfect than it did. We are amazed at how quickly Maeve went to all three of us (no tears all day long) and how quickly she began to babble, giggle, and interact with us. She is beautiful, always hungry (I think she ate snacks all day long!), and very interested in playing with us- Wow! God is good and has blessed us with more than we could ever have asked for. This was just day 1- who knows how tomorrow, or the next few months, for that matter, will go- but we are rejoicing in today and know that this has been a gift from God to our family.

Now, on to the good stuff!'s almost time!!!

 Here she is!!!!! Our little girl has arrived!!!

 Charlie Chin, aka Charlie Sheen, is the man from the orphanage who brought 
Maeve to us.  He seemed to know Maeve well and made sure she was doing well.

 Maeve and Daddy!

 A smile for big brother, Tristan!

 Jennifer and Anna, along with Maeve and me!
Anna and Maeve were in the same room at the orphanage 
and know each other well. It is awesome that Anna's family lives
in Milwaukee and we will be able to stay in touch. We are so thankful
that we can share this experience with Jennifer and Preston and that our
daughters will grow up knowing each other- what a blessing.

Making it official!

 While we signed papers, Tristan was Chief of Entertainment.
He has been a wonderful help and we are so thankful he is here with us.

I think Maeve ate almost a whole container of Puffs today!!

I have about a million more pictures, but this is all I'll post for today! There will be plenty more to come!


Sue Contant said...

Gathered around the family table in Maine we are all celebrating with you! Looks like 'Gotcha Day' was amazing. We are eager to hear all the details in person. Hugs to everyone, especially Maeve. Love from Grandma and Grandpa

Unknown said...