Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hello, Jinan!

We are here in Maeve's city!!!! And tomorrow is the BIG day!!! We are so excited and nervous all at the same time. It is a miracle that we are here and we know that it is only through God's faithfulness and mercy to us that this is possible.

This morning we left Beijing around 9:00 and took the bullet train to Jinan. It was a short 1.5 hour ride at 187 mph! When we arrived we met our new guide, John who took us to our hotel. It is HOT here, about 100 degrees. We are doing lots of laundry in the sink so we have fresh clothes each day!

After we arrived we went to the bank to change our US dollars into RMB. Our small stack of dollars turned into quite a large stack of Yuan!

Next we went to a huge mall which is very close to our hotel. It is huge and fun to look around! We went with another family, Jennifer and Preston, who are adopting Anna, a little girl who is just a month older than Maeve! We were so happy to learn that they live in Milwaukee-  there will definitely be get togethers when we get home!

At the mall we ate lunch together at a little joint that sold fried dough balls with stuff inside (not sure what else to call them!) They were very good and the people who worked there were happy to help us figure out what to order :)

The next stop was back to our hotel and John and Tristan went to the pool (which is amazing!) for a swim. Mama took a nap :) I'll try to get pics of the pool next time we go.

Tonight our whole group went for dinner at Papa John's! Pizza never tasted so good :)

 It's time to get on the train!

Jennifer and I enjoyed the ride together!

John met a man who used to be a prof at Cornell- they chatted the entire ride!

 NOT our lunch today, but it was an option!

 Lunch at the mall!
Dough balls filled with yummy stuff!

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