Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 2 with Maeve

Today was our last day of paperwork in Jinan- we spent a few hours having documents notorized. Maeve did great- no fussing or crying! She is a pretty happy, easy going little girl! We spent the afternoon relaxing in the hotel- a much needed break from the busy schedule of the past few days. Tomorrow we will visit the orphanage and Maeve's finding place.

We went out for lunch today and this lady brought her gandson over
to meet Maeve! This little boy is 7 months old and twice the size of Maeve!
Many people have been very curious about Maeve and either come 
over to see her or just point at us and whisper as we walk by.

A lunch special- french fries with sprinkles!

Starbucks in Jinan! 

 Maeve was a little angel today!
She is fun and loves to interact with us!

Suckers are always a hit!


Sue Contant said...

Our early morning routine: quick, check the computer to see if there's a new post! O so lovely to see Maeve nestled against you in the carrier. Another hug from Grandma and Grandpa sent your way.

Vantil's said...

Love all of it! Continuing to pray for health, safety, and attachment.

AlThoughts said...

So wonderful to see and hear how well things are going with Maeve!! She is beautiful! Congratulations from me & Tom.