Saturday, July 27, 2013

Beijing, Day 2

Our second day in Beijing was full of sightseeing around the city. Our first stop was Tianaman Square. It is a huge open area where many people, both Chinese and foreign people, come to visit.

Tianaman Square with our Beijing guide, Tom.

After we spent time at the Square we crossed the street and visited the Forbidden City. Our first impression was the sheer size of it- it's huge! There are many courtyards that are the size of the several football fields surrounded by beautiful buildings that are centuries old. The architecture and detail is stunning. One of our favorite parts was an inner garden that had unique rocks surrounded by cedar trees and fish ponds. Our visit to the Forbidden City was a highlight of the day!

 This one is for you, Aidan! Do you see the basketball net behind the soldiers??

After we visited the Forbidden City we took a rickshaw ride to a Hutong, which is a traditional Chinese village in the heart of Beijing. They are characterized by inner garden courtyards surrounded by 4 main rooms (parent's room to the north, girls rooms to the west, boys to the east, servants to the south). There are many of these home connected by narrow alleys. In one of the homes we were introduced to the daughter of a local artist who does intricate paper cutting. His work was beautiful. At the next Hutong we visited we were served a delicious lunch by the family who lives there.

Our rickshaw guide tore through the narrow streets, narrowly
 missing the people and other rickshaws that were on the street. 
It was crazy!!!!

 This is the inner courtyard of a Hutong home.

 The alley way that connects the homes.
Everybody uses bicycles for transportation- they are either in use or lined up everywhere!

This is the tiny kitchen in the Hutong. 
Despite it's size (approx 5x8), these ladies turned out an amazing meal!

Lunch at Hutong

Our next stop was a Tea House where we were served 6 different teas.
 They were all unique and delicious- even John joined in!

Leaving the tea house through the beads!

Tomorrow we leave Beijing for Jinan! Maeve, here we come! We feel much anticipation and nervouse jitters as we prepare to meet our little girl. This has been such a long process and it's difficult to comprehend that the day is finally here. We are ready and grateful.

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Sue Contant said...

So many new experiences. Now on to the biggest day of all! Welcome Maeve into the family! Much love to you across the ocean, Mom and Dad