Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Finding Maeve

Today was a hard day. We went to vistit Maeve's finding place and also her orphanage. Maeve was left as an infant  near a clothing store in a smaller town outside of Jinan. She was most likely left in the early morning hours and found before the store even opened. Our hearts broke when we took this all in.  Of course, we have been aware that Maeve was abandoned, but when you are standing in the exact spot, seeing the people, hearing and smelling what her birth mom did- it's all so much more real. We are thankful that her birthmom left her in a place where she would be found quickly and we are thankful to her for giving Maeve life. I believe that the decision she made was not easy or made in an attempt to "get rid of a problem." I believe that she knew her little girl who not have a full life in China and she made the ultimate sacrifice.  Love.  We are broken by and grateful for her sacrifice and know that our lives and Maeve's have been intricately woven together by a loving and merciful God.

After visiting her finding spot, we continued on to the orphanage. Talk about an emotional roller coaster of a day. The orphanage is beautiful- clean, colorful, and the staff- oh, what amazing people! Their dedication and love for the kids was apparent. It was so wonderful to speak directly with Maeve's care givers and ask them questions about her. They knew her like she was their own little girl- her likes/ dislikes, her fears, and her favorite friend, who happens to be a little 2 year old boy named Chen Chen! These women are my heroes and I am completely indebted to them. They have showed Maeve what love is; what a gift. I am so sad that I missed out on the first 17 months of Maeve's life, but I know that she was in very capable hands with people who loved her dearly.

* I'm having trouble getting pics from this morning uploaded to my computer. I'll try again- these were the pictures that I really wanted everyone to see.

This evening we went on a tour of the springs in Jinan. They were really beautiful and we wish we could've spent more time there! We have just a few pictures before it turned too dark to see anymore!

 We've seen a lot of cute little popos in China!

 These little kids taking a roller blading class were amazing!

Maeve loves her Daddy!

Love this little girl!

 This is a fountain near the springs in Jinan.

 This group of dancers performed for us- it was something like River Dance!
John joined in and they all got a kick out of him!

This is the river where the spring flow into.


Haley said...

Congratulations guys, we are excited for you. She is adorable!

Unknown said...

We have been following your journey through our iphone but now home, the pictures are even better!! Thanks for sharing. Keeping you all in our prayers. Lots of love

anne said...

Thanks Haley and Michael and famiy!