Thursday, November 20, 2008


Here's a little glimpse of our Fall-
We had a beautiful October. It was about 70 degrees on Halloween and the kids went trick-or-treating for over an hour and a half (a first for us- usually it's freezing and we last for 20 minutes!) Tristan and John made an awesome Lego costume and Ella was a princess, then a butterfly, then back to princess. Aidan wore his pumpkin robeez- I thought that was enough for this year! I think we (John and I!) have managed to eat 75% of the loot already.
The picture of Tristan and Ella (and friend, Samantha) is from their choir concert. They are a part of a local church choir and they sang at a Harvest Home Dinner. They sang a beautiful hymn- we could hear Ella's little voice all the way in the back pew!
The kids loved having John's Dad visit this week. He was put through the ringer with the 3 kids- wrestling, teasing (from Ella!), and even babysitting Aidan while I went to school. He had a great time and we sure enjoyed having him around.


Mike and Laura said...

We love your beautiful family. We miss you alot!! That last picture with Grandpa, Aidan looks a bit like Eli. Hope you are doing well. Hopefully we will talk soon on Skype.

2 China 4 Addison said...

I can't believe how BIG Aidan is getting! He's adorable.
Hope to see you soon. I"ll e-mail you.