Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Tree

John and I took the kids to a Christmas tree farm in Indiana today. I was doing a photo shoot at the farm and the kids were able to come and enjoy the snow! It was quite chilly, but they didn't seem to mind... even Aidan was a happy boy! The family gave us a tree for our house... we are very grateful. So, tomorrow we will spend the afternoon decorating ...I can't wait!

enjoying a hayride to the field

aidan is 8 months old

snow angel
tristan loved to jump out with the surpise attack!
the car ride home... i think they're tired!

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Sue Contant said...

Car ride home was awesome ... we can just picture the energy & enthusiasm with which they tackled the day. So fun to read about Sinter Klaas visiting Elmhurst. Who would'a thought he'd find you way over there! Love and hugs to all of you.
Grandma and Grandpa