Friday, August 2, 2013

Pics from Maeve's Finding Place & Orphanage

Maeve was found by the Wanhe Clothing Store in Zhong Gong, a smaller town of 40,000 west of Jinan City. Zhong Gong is located in a mountainous region along the Yu Dai He River where the people of Jinan like to visit on the weekends for fishing and relaxation. There were fruit stands along the road and many paddle boats along the river. It was a beautiful area. 

The Wanhe Clothing Store was located on a busy street with many shops and people. I wanted to buy Maeve something from this street and we were able to find a tea set from the store next door.
I was so thankful that we could visit this spot, but it was also very difficult as well. 
Maeve slept through the whole thing.

Our next stop was Maeve's orphanage. It was a beautiful place, but I am so happy that she is one of the few that will be able to have a home and a family who loves her. We were told that of the 400 children who live at the orphanage, only 30 are allowed to be adopted each year. What a miracle that we have been chosen to be Maeve's family. God is good.

 The lobby in the orphanage was very bright and warm- it smelled like a greenhouse!

Maeve's crib. 
This is where our little girl slept and these were the little stuffed animals that kept her company at night. The nannies are pointing to Maeve's name, Zhao LongBing, which shows which crib was hers. Maeve's crib was in a room with about 25 other children. She slept closest to the window.

 This is one of Maeve's primary care givers, one of her Mamas at the orphanage.
 Maeve was given a special treat by one of the nannies! I think they know what she likes!

 The lady in the pink shirt is a physical therapist and the other lady is one of the directors.

 This woman is the principal, the head director of the orphanage.
She wrote a special message to Maeve in the journal that we're keeping.

 Our Jinan Bethany group!
Two of the little ones stayed back at the hotel because they had been
 in foster care and it would have been too difficult for them to see their foster parents.

After we visited the orphanage we went back to the Civil Affairs Office to finalize Maeve's adoption. The rest of our group did that a few days prior, but we were asked to return and meet the governor of Shandong province and have our certificate presented to us by him. As it turned out, the governor was held up in a meeting on the floor above, so he sent a replacement. We were told that this man is higher ranking than a mayor, but lower than the governor. He helped put Maeve's footprint on the certificate and presented this very important document to us. She's officially our daughter!

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