Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hanging in Guangzhou!

We're in Guangzhou until we head home next week! Most of our paperwork has been completed (just waiting on Maeve's passport for our consulate appointment on Tuesday- please pray that Maeve's passport will arrive soon.) While we wait we have some free time to enjoy Guangzhou and gear up for the big flight home!

Since my last post was somehow deleted, I'll repost a few of those pics and some from today! Maeve is doing great and we are enjoying her funny antics.

From yesterday....

We went our to dinner at a local favorite- the restaurant is know for it's fried eel.

Best Big Brother Award!

 Skyping with the kids- Maeve's first glimpse of the crazy that awaits her!
Aidan did every silly thing he could think of!

This morning we visited a park by our hotel. Unfortunately we got caught in a rain shower and stayed under cover for over an hour until John and Preston ran back to the hotel for umbrellas. When they got back, it finally stopped raining and we walked around the park for a 1/2 hour before heading back to the hotel. Maeve loved the carrier and fell asleep for most of our outing! 


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Sue Contant said...

Hi Mom, Dad, Tristan and Maeve,
It was fun Skyping with you. We played with hose and water squirters this morning. We played basketball and guess who mowed the front lawn!! (initial is E). Grandma cut the back.
Pretty soon we're going swimming and it's going to be fun and we're going to have a good time with Grandma.
Love, hugs and kisses, and more love,
Ella, Aidan and Grandma