Thursday, December 9, 2010

the BM

I think they're starting to recognize me at the Bibles for Missions Thrift Store (or as we have shortened it to, the BM). I go there often as it's about the only store in town in my price range. Today I went in for a look around and came out with this little gem.
So, Aidan said " I need this Mom" and being the frugile one that I am... I bought it. There's a reason I bought it- and it's not because I thought it would go perfectly next to my fireplace. Both Tristan and Ella have special little fakey Christmas trees that we put up every year (in addition to our big real family tree). The trees proudly display the ornaments that have been given to them by their grandparents or the ones they've made at school. Aidan doesn't have his own tree yet. He's a few months shy of three and I haven't bought him a tree yet. I feel so guilty. So, after Christmas (THIS year), I'm going to buy him a little tree. Until then he NEEDED something special of his own to put up in our house. And the winner is.... the Noel candle.

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