Monday, November 21, 2016

Farewell, Guangzhou

We're wrapping up our time in China and getting ready to drive to Hong Kong tomorrow for our long flight home! It's been a wonderful trip and we have thoroughly enjoyed this special time we've had with Liam. The past few days have been filled with shopping, our consulate appointment, a river boat cruise, more shopping (we had to buy an extra suitcase!) , and eating at our new favorite restaurant in GZ, a noodle shop where we can both eat for $3.00. We've been there twice now and may have a farewell lunch there tomorrow before we leave!

 Clothing market... total craziness.

 Love having Starbucks attached to our hotel :)

The 4th floor playroom... we have spent a lot of time in this room with each adoption, especially with Maeve. This trip we only made it here on the last night, but Liam seemed to enjoy it- especially the watermelon ball.

 Most of our travel group, minus one family.

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