Friday, September 25, 2015


Look at this picture!! Everyone is smiling! I am giddy with happiness- I never thought this was possible. (I may have issued death threats to the older ones before we arrived at the shoot, but the two little ones- that was completely up in the air!)

We have had our precious daughter Mairéad with us for a little over two months. And Maeve, who brings endless energy into the mix, has been with our family for over two years.

We have been adjusting well as a family and have been enjoying all the antics that two little girls bring into our lives. Never having children this close in age before, it's been a real eye opener at times!

The older kids are so protective and loving toward the little ones. John and I are enjoying our front row seats to the daily rhythms of our family. It's quite chaotic, but we are so happy listening to little giggles and baby babbling mixed in with discussions about trigonometry, what dish was made at school in FCS, and noises made from constant  interaction with the whoopee cushion!

We are tired, but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

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