Sunday, July 12, 2015

Two Days Left

We have just two days left and then we will be heading home. We've been looking forward to this trip and adopting Mairéad for so long and it's hard to believe it's almost over. It's been a good trip, but we are excited to come home and see the kids and get into a routine with Mairéad. She has really suffered with sickness and pain these past few days, but the medication seems to be helping and we see glimpses of a really fun and curious personality. It will be very interesting to see how she does with all the kids when we get home! 

Dinner last night... Ella has become a chopstick ninja.

Exploring in our room...

 Stacking cups... what is it about these cups that seem to fascinate kids?!

Tea Shopping
We're coming home with lots of tea!

 Shamian Island

Janeen and I modeling the silk dresses!

 We met this family two years ago when we visited their shop!

 It was such an awesome surprise to meet another adoptive family that I know through an albinism Facebook group! What a small world!

 Many couples come to Shamian Island for their wedding photos... this couple was so cute!

Silk Market
We made it back this time and were able to find it pretty easily. Our taxi driver dropped us off in the neighborhood and we were able to find it much quicker than last time! We bought fabric so John's mom can create another beautiful quilt. The colors we chose for Mairéad are completely different than Maeve's!

 Ella and her boyfriend, "Chad."

Look who's wearing her sunglasses and dipping her toes in the pool!

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