Monday, July 6, 2015

Meeting Mairéad

This morning we met our guide in the lobby at 9:00 and left for the Civil Affairs Building. The plan was to arrive at 9:30 and be there in plenty of time before Mairéad was to arrive at 10:00; however, we were completely surprised when we pulled in to the parking lot and she was being carried out of her van as we were stepping out of ours! Within seconds she was in our arms- what a surprise for us! She was very quiet and not afraid to come to us. We spent several hours at the office while the other family waited for their little guy to arrive. Mairéad was happy to chew on toys and shake the Puffs container. We tried to feed her some Puffs and other baby snacks, but she had no interest. We don't think she eats much solid food yet. She still takes bottles and eats baby food, according to her nanny.

Later in the afternoon we were able to visit her orphanage and meet her nanny, a wonderful woman who was Mairéad's primary caregiver. She spent well over an hour with us, answering questions and playing with Mairéad. We were given a tour of the orphanage and saw all of the rooms where she lived and played. This was a very unreal experience. We weren't invited to see much of Maeve's orphanage, so it was a big surprise to us to be shown around. The kids' faces would completely light us when we stopped and spoke to them and touched them. It was a deeply moving and emotional experience for both of us. Ella played with the children too and one little girl took a special liking to her. Mairéad was content to play with her nanny and showed us how she can ride on the pony toy. 

We also were able to see Mairéad's finding place, which was the gate of the orphanage. Since it was raining today, we weren't able to spend much time outside, only for a quick picture.

It's been an amazing day and we are so glad to have Mairéad with us. 
God is good and we are so thankful.

 Getting ready to leave for the Civil Affairs Building


 Mairéad has golden hair (which sticks straight up!) and dark brown eyes. 

 Back at the hotel before we left for the orphanage visit

 Mairéad's primary nanny

 I was able to sit with her nanny, our guide, and the woman who brought Mairéad to us earlier in the morning and ask as many questions as I wanted. They were happy to give me answers to anything I asked.  I was so impressed with her nanny- it was apparent that she really loved our daughter.

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