Thursday, July 9, 2015

Last Day in Nanjing

We're in Guangzhou today- we left really early this morning to catch an 8:40 flight! There are moments when Mairéad seems to be coming out of her shell a little bit and flashes a quick, very small, smile. She's still having a had time, though, so we are laying low as much as possible. We're trying to figure out how to interest her in eating (bottles only at the moment). All prayers appreciated!

Before we left Nanjing, we saw the Confucian temple area and Xuanwu Lake. The lake area was beautiful and we enjoyed our walk around it. The weather has been pretty mild (70s in Nanjing) so it was nice to be outside. Tomorrow is the medical appointment and then the rest of the day is free. 

 Confucian Temple in the evening- SO many people out and about

Ella and I tried this street food, which we thought was potato on a stick- definitely NOT potato.

Xuanwu Lake
 Xuanwu Lake Lotus pond

Nanjing City Wall

 This is supposed to be like reflexology- it hurt like heck after a few steps

Back at our room....

On the way to Guangzhou.

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ChouchouPoussin said...

what a cutie !
Congratulation for your little girl.
We adopted our girl in Nanjing too in 2008 but she come from Suqian just upper.
have a good day
Severine in south France