Thursday, June 18, 2015

It Rhymes With Parade

We're leaving for China July 2nd to adopt our little girl, Mairéad ChuHan! We are excited, nervous, a little (lot!) scared, but overwhelmingly thankful that we are able to bring her home. We are thankful for the way God has brought Mairéad into our family- it is truly a miraculous story. Also, we wouldn't be on this journey if it wasn't for the support, love, and encouragement of our family and friends. Thank you for walking this road along with us.

Please pray for John, Ella, and me as we travel and also for the rest of our family as we are separated. Pray for Mairéad too as everything she knows is about to change. 

We'll post as we can from China. Last time we were able to get online pretty easily- hoping for the same this time too!

Mairéad, soon to be our daughter!

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