Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Desires of my Heart

Wow, it's been six months since Maeve became a part of our family! I actually didn't realize that milestone was today until a friend who adopted their daughter from Jinan (on the trip with us) pointed it out to me!
In many ways the past six months have gone by so quickly. Maeve has changed a lot and we are growing closer as a family of six. There are still times of adjustment, but things seems to be moving in the right direction.
People often ask me how it's going....and I have to determine if they want honesty or fluff. The honest answer is that we are so thankful that Maeve is home and also its been the hardest thing our family has done. There have been some difficult times as we have been learning her little personality and how to meet her needs.
God is teaching us that growth and amazing blessing can come as we work through hard situations. Our adoption has stretched our capacity to love, to show patience, and to open ourselves to God's leading for our family.
I am so humbled when I reflect on the verse that says, "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Many of you are aware that we waited a long time for Maeve- a really long time. There were moments when we thought our adoption dreams were fininshed. In spite of obstacles that seemed like impossibilities, God answered our prayers and blessed us with our deepest desire. When things become difficult, it is so good for me to remember what God has done for our family. He has been with us each step of the way. We are so thankful and are excited  to see what God has in store for our family!

Happy 6 months home, Maeve! We love you and are delighted that you are here!

July 29, 2013

6 months home!!

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