Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One Month

We've been home with Maeve for a litltle over one month now. In many ways the past month has flown by! Since we've been home we moved to a new house, the kids have started school and all their activities, and John is back to work catching up on all that he missed in the three weeks while we were gone. Sometimes we feel like we are moving so fast that we just need a moment to come up for air. With all the activity that four children bring, life seems to moving at a fast clip.

Having a new little person in the house has brought about some pretty significant changes. I had no idea how self sufficient  my kids really were until we took a leap back into the toddler years! Wow, how quickly one forgets :) I had forgotten how attractive toilet bowls are, how inviting staircases are, the joy of throwing one's cup repeatedly to the floor, the teething and constant drool, and the need to be walked around (Maeve is almost walking and loves to hold our hands and be walked around the house!).

I'd also forgotten how little ones, especially those who are hurting because life has taken a sudden drastic change, want to be held all the time. Maeve is grieving all these changes. She cries to be held, she cries to be put down- sometimes I don't think she even knows what she wants.

There are moments of pure joy too. Maeve loves to take baths, play peek-a-boo, look at books, and eat every single thing that is put in front of her. It has been so good to see  the kids delight in Maeve and welcome her into our home. I jokingly tell people that I wish the kids could just skip school so they could be home and play with her. She adores their jokes, games, and silliness. I think kids just love being around other kids. I must add that Ella is the absolute best big sister in the entire world! Maeve is one lucky little girl to have a big sister as wonderful as Ella. And, Maeve's first word is "Ella!" It sounds more like "Lella," but she definitely knows her big sister!

I've also been reminded of how fragile and innocent Maeve's little heart is and what a huge calling it is to be the ones chosen to care for, love, and guide her. This realization is also what has made some of our transition so difficult. It's hard to know how to cuddle, soothe, reassure, and sometimes, deeply love a child that you really don't know. There is no question that we adore her and would do anything to protect her, but it's that gut love that grows over time- that's what is missing and what makes it so hard. We are working hard as a family to nuture this love for Maeve.  It will take time, but we are moving in the right direction. As we muddle through the messy stuff, I know that we are being held together by a God who loves us and is protecting our family.

We truly covet your prayers. Please pray for patience for me as I am with Maeve the most. Sometimes I just can't figure out what to do to make her happy. I need a daily dose of calmness, flexibility, tenderness, and love. Please pray for John as he is juggling a lot at work, plus the demands of being a dad. And please pray for the kids as they are giving more of themselves to make space in our lives for a little girl who is very needy and so deserving of a family.

We are thankful for God's faithfulness and goodness to our family. We are still humbled at how He brought this precious little girl into our lives. Thank you for your prayers and support as we are growing closer as a family and getting to know Maeve more intimately each day.

The latest pics of the little lady :)


sylvia said...

This transition time is difficult. The best advice I got when we were in this moment was to carry her, when you feel the least inclined to carry her that is a sign you should carry her. Same for her if she seems fussy try putting her in the carrier. This will break your back! Trust me I know mine was 30lbs, just think of all the calories you will burn :)

km said...

Hey, there. Yes, our lives sound quite similar. I, too, wish we lived closer! You are back in the Chicago area now, yes? I am sometimes there for work, so would LOVE to catch up!