Thursday, July 25, 2013

We Made It to Beijing!

We made it! The trip went smoothly and we are in Beijing! Here are a few pics from yesterday. Today we are off to the Great Wall and the Bird's Nest! We still can't believe we're really here! Thanks for all your prayers and support. Please keep us in your prayers. We will update after our outings today.

 The start of the 13 hours!


 After we landed we took a bus to our hotel in the city center.

 Our hotel is off this main street.

 Street near our hotel with vendors

 Our Hotel (and special pic for Jeremy!)

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Vantil's said...

I can't believe you are finally there!! So glad to know you are safe and one day closer to Maeve. Thanks for the updates! In our prayers as you adjust to the time change and enjoy some sight-seeing before the big day.