Thursday, March 3, 2011

on talking canadian...

Much to my chagrin, I have noticed the Canadian accent creeping into the voice of one of my children. Can you guess who? It's not Aidan- he's listening to me all day. And it's not Tristan- he lived in the midwest for 10 years, so the Chicagoland accent is still pretty engrained in his voice. It's Ella. She's been coming out with little words here and there that are tinged with the accent of the locals. It's only the short a sound so far, but I know that if one vowel falls, so will the rest:)
I know that this is the accent that (many many years ago) I fell in love with. However, I have not heard that coming from his lips in a long long time and I've grown used to him speaking like the locals in Chicago. Well, that's not so anymore, as he is reverting back to his youth. Who knew it would only take 6 months. At least nobody is throwing the "eh" at the end of every sentence. I give that another month or so!
And there are many words that are different here. I'm starting a list...
stuffies (stuffed animals)
duotang (folder... this one really bugs me- where in the heck does this come from????)
bodysuit (leotard)
again/been (spoken with the British accent)
"phoning" people (calling someone on the phone)
runners (tennis shoes)
grade 4 (vs. fourth grade)
mum (mom)
leisure centre (the gym... leisure makes it sound so nice!)
tuque (hat)
loonie/ toonie (Dollar and two dollar coins which make my wallet super heavy! At least I feel like I have some money in there!)
felts (markers)
elastics (rubber bands)
There are many more that just aren't coming to my mind right now... I'll update as I remember.
I never thought Canada would be so different.

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Nellie said...

Very interesting, Anne! I am still thrown by my in-laws/husband calling tights - leotards. I didn't know they called leotards - bodysuits. Also haven't heard the duotang, felts, or leisure centre (you even used the Canadian spelling!).