Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the past 6 months

Well, if anyone is still checking our blog, here's what we've been up to the past six months...
a lot of GROWING!

Tristan will be 10 this summer and is still my right hand man. He is a tender hearted,
compassionate boy who loves his family. His favorite thing to do is to be home, wearing comfy
clothes, eating Chinese and watching a movie with his family. I hope this lasts a long time!
Tristan is doing well with his piano lesson, art class, and soccer (John is the coach this year!).
Tristan is a great big brother and is adored by Aidan and Ella.
Ella is our sweet six year old, who is almost done with kindergarten! She is extremely
competetive and gives her brothers a run for their money! Ella loves gymnastics and singing
in the church choir. She is also the social butterfly at school, going to every birthday party
and playdate that she's invited to! Ella and John love to dance and listen to music- and her
current favorite tune (with all lyrics memorized) is U2's "Sexy Boots." Thank you, John.

Aidan is a big 2 year old now! He is the funny guy in the house and
loves a good joke! He talks a lot and we can pretty much understand what he's
trying to communicate most of the time. He LOVES any type of ball and has a wicked
throw and can kick the ball pretty well, too! He keeps us on our toes. And yes, the
"nunni" (a.k.a pacifier) is still a dear friend!

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