Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my favorite time of year

I wish summer could be all year long. I love having the kids home; I love wearing my pajamas all morning long; I love taking walks to the ice cream shop downtown; I LOVE the smell of suntan lotion; I love everything about summer. We haven't had the warmest summer, but it still has been good and I'm dreading August 24th when the kids go back to school. This year Ella will be gone too, just mornings, but still a big step in her (and my!) life. She is ready and would start tomorrow if she could! Tristan is going to be in 3rd grade- unbelievable. We have about 4 weeks left of summer vacation and I am going to enjoy each day! Here's a little of what's gone on so far.
The Chans were in from R.I. for a visit
John know I've always wanted a cleaning service, so he found the perfect candidate!

Thankyou, Uncle Nathan and Auntie Annie, for the AWESOME Slip-n-Slide!

We went to family camp at Fort Wilderness for a week at the end of June. We had a great time, but weren't totally prepared for 50 degree weather all week! The kids loved building fires, riding horses, shooting .22 rifles (am I nuts?), making crafts, and playing with their friends.

Who's ready for the pool?

We went out to R.I. at the beginning of the summer- a wonderful time spent with dear friends.

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