Monday, March 2, 2009

Contant's Rules

Our kids are VERY different and so are their priorities, as evidenced by the recent Valentine decorations on our door! One child chose to decorate with hearts and the other made a list of rules that our visitors need to know before they enter our home! Can you guess which one made what?? So, if you can't see our family rules, here they are:
1. be safe
2. be kind
3. do not "cheet"
4. listen
5. help
6. do not pout
7. obey God
8. have fun
This has provided much entertainment to us and to the people who stop by! The verdict is still out on Aidan, but we don't think he's going to be on the shy side :)

1 comment:

Sue Contant said...

This sure makes my heart melt. I absolutely love it that you 'go public' with the art right on the front door of your house. Wow, your kids are so precious and so unique in their creativity. Tell the that Grandma & Grandpa send their love!