Sunday, February 1, 2009


My little girl just turned five! A few days before her birthday she also lost her first tooth! This is almost too much at once for a mama to handle! Ella is a constant source of entertainment and joy for our family. She is full of energy and life and certainly makes our lives more fun!

We had a princess spa party for Ella's birthday. Basically, this consisted of 8 very energetic little girls taking over the house for a few hours! We painted nails (which were all chipped off by the end of the party!), did a little craft, and ate cupcakes. Ella had a wonderful time- she is always up for a party! (I think she gets this from her Daddy!)

Grammy made a very special dress for Ella. She can't wait to wear it to school!

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Sue Contant said...

Anne, the photos are wonderful. Especially the close up with Ella's missing tooth! These parties are precious (and exhausting!) times. Thanks for writing and posting pics that help us crawl into your lives even from way out west. Love to all 5 of you!