Saturday, August 16, 2008

Packers, Providence, and Portland

We've been out of town for 2 weeks and have just returned to Elmhurst! We had a blast on our vacations, but it's always good to come home again. At the end of July, I took the kids to WI for a week and we spent time with my parents. One of the highlights was going to the PackersFamily Night at Lambeau Field for Tristan's 8th birthday! We are still cheeseheads and loved being able to see Lambeau and all the players (and 54,000 other Packer fans who were there!)
Family Night at Lambeau

the kiddos

"Aidy," Ella's nickname for Aidan

Toucans- our favorite custard stand in West Bend

Happy 8th Birthday, Tristan!

Papa built Tristan his very own carpetball for his birthday! Somebody sure loves Tristan!


After our week in WI, John and Tristan, and the Chan boys, headed to Camp Paradise for Father & Son Camp. (pictures still coming!) They had an amazing time together! I took Ella and Aidan and went to Rhode Island to be with Steph and the girls. After camp the boys drove back to RI (a VERY long drive!) and we spent a few more days together. We are all thankful for the special week we had and the blessing of lifelong friends.


The new little cousins- Eli (5 months), Aidan (4months), and Asher (1 month)

While we were in RI, we were able to make a quick trip to Maine to see John's family and meet all the new cousins. We are quite a large group- 14 in all!


Amy said...

Wow, sounds like you packed it in! Fun pictures. I can't believe how big your kids are! Aiden is such a cutie!

2 China 4 Addison said...

Glad to hear you are home safe and sound, I've been thinking about you guys. Looks like a fun trip!
Let's talk soon, so we can get together...